Our Mission 

At 3XS Designs, we aim to deliver unparalleled industrial services, ensuring exceptional quality and a diverse range of offerings. Our dedication is to achieve remarkable results for our customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Our Vision 

We strive to be the leading global partner for our customers, distinguishing ourselves as the favored choice by harnessing the dedication, expertise, and innovation of our outstanding team at 3XS Designs.

Each project initiates with a strategic foundation.


—Our Core Values—


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Safety & Wellness

We are committed to fostering a secure, healthy, and injury-free atmosphere for our team members, clients, and the community. Cultivating a safety culture is integral at all levels and in every aspect of Brown & Root, achieved through transformative leadership and leading by example.

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At every tier, we aim to nurture a culture of excellence. Our commitment is to uphold a distinguished reputation for service excellence, ensuring precision from the outset.


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Integrity, Ethics & Accountability

Our commitment is to conduct business with unwavering honesty and fairness. As responsible stewards, we strive to maximize returns for our owners, employees, and stakeholders alike.


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Recognizing that the skills and dedication of our team members form the foundation of our success, we will offer avenues for learning, personal advancement, and career development throughout the 3XS Designs organization.

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Customer Service

We commit to being both responsive and proactive for our customers, serving as their business partners to deliver value and achieve their objectives.


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We will actively combat complacency and encourage the creation of innovative and imaginative solutions.

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Mutual Respect

Our work environment will embody professionalism and mutual respect, with an emphasis on fostering positive behaviors from everyone.

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